(27) defendants arrested, including someone impersonating an officer

Detachments of the Baghdad Joint Operations Command arrested (27) defendants, including someone impersonating an officer, and seized unlicensed weapons and equipment, two drones, and a quantity of narcotic substances and drug abuse devices.

Baghdad Operations stated in a statement, ‘Through their deployment and the establishment of sudden and temporary checkpoints on the Karkh and Rusafa sides, in coordination with the Intelligence and Security Department of our command, the Baghdad Joint Operations Command detachments were able to arrest (27) defendants in accordance with various legal articles, including one impersonating an official (officer), and others for criminal offenses and possession of unlicensed weapons. Some of them were seized with a quantity of crystal, drug abuse devices, and various types of narcotic pills, in addition to the confiscation of one rifle, (19) pistols, and a quantity of equipment and other materials, in addition to the seizure of two drones and a number of cars violating traffi
c regulations.

The statement added, “The arrested persons and the seized materials were referred to the competent authorities to take legal measures against them.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency