Amara A delegation from the branch of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in Maysan, headed by the head of the branch, Samir Al-Saad, visited the commander of the Maysan Governorate Police and the facilities, Major General “Hassan Hashem Radi Al-Saray” in the latter’s office.

The visit came to offer congratulations on the occasion of his assumption of the position of Maysan police chief and to discuss ways to develop cooperation between the two sides in a way that serves the governorate and the security of the citizen.

The police chief expressed his thanks and appreciation to the delegation, for the efforts of the Syndicate and the press family in Maysan in communicating the facts and supporting the work and duties of the security services that preserve the safety and lives of citizens.

The two parties agreed to communicate and make more efforts to support the security services in protecting the governorate and the work of journalists in accordance with the Law on Freedom of Expression and Protection of Journalists, with emphasis on the professional and impartial aspect of reporting events.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency