A Parliamentary Committee Demands Results Of Investigation Into The Fire At Nasiriyah Hospital Be Presented Within 72 Hours

Baghdad The Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee strongly condemned the neglect and negligence that led to the fire of Imam Hussein Hospital in Nasiriyah, which killed dozens of citizens.

It demanded in a press statement: The Prime Minister to open an urgent investigation, to involve the committee in the investigation, and to impose the most severe penalties against anyone who is proven to be negligent and failing to provide safety requirements in the hospital.

The committee stated that: While we offer our condolences to the families of the victims and wounded of the fire at Imam al-Hussein Hospital in Nasiriyah, which is another tragedy added to the tragedy of Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, we strongly demand the concerned government authorities to put an end to the chain of death in hospitals, which must be a safe place in which patients can enjoy comfort and reassurance, they get treatment instead of ending their lives in a mysterious fire, and everyone evades responsibility, and the disaster is recorded against an unknown person.

The committee added that: if this disaster occurred in any other country, it might be a reason for the resignation of the government completely, then the defaulters are referred to the competent courts, but it happens in Iraq and is repeated several times without deterrence, as if people’s lives are of no value to them, and we are sure that government agencies if they had deterrent penalties have been placed against the defaulters who have previously caused such disasters when they have repeatedly occurred.

It explained: We are waiting for the results of the investigation within a maximum period of three days; otherwise we will take measures through our parliamentary duty and conduct a series of interrogations from the lowest position to the highest position. Mercy for the souls of the victims, and a speedy recovery for the injured, and we belong to God and to Him we shall return.

It is mentioned that a fire broke out yesterday evening in the isolation center for Coronavirus patients within the main building of Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in central Nasiriyah, killing and wounding dozens.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency