Baghdad The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said: The brutal Israeli attacks on Gaza contributed to exposing the Israeli occupation in front of world public opinion.

Aboul Gheit added, according to the Middle East News Agency, that: The international community has become increasingly aware of the role of extremist settlers, whose agenda is adopted by the Israeli government, in fueling the situation in Al-Quds, which led to the flare-up of the situation in this dangerous manner in the occupied territories, especially in The Gaza Strip, which is under brutal attack, is a crude show of force.

Aboul Gheit called for an immediate end to the attacks on the Strip, stressing that: The Israeli government is acting according to an internal electoral agenda, and that it is gambling to ignite the situation in the entire region because of its deliberate shedding of more Palestinian blood to reinforce its internal standing.

Aboul Gheit described this approach as disgraceful and irresponsible.

He pointed out that Arab diplomatic moves have followed in recent days in order to mobilize international positions in the face of reckless Israeli policies that violate international humanitarian law, and in order to support the Palestinians in Al-Quds who have enjoyed the respect and sympathy of the world.

Aboul Gheit added that the group of Arab Ambassadors in New York continued its contacts during the past two days, with the participation of the representative of the Arab League to the United Nations, with each of the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, and a number of representatives of the influential powers at the United Nations, indicating the need for the Security Council to assume its responsibilities towards Continuous Israeli attacks.

He pointed out that the diplomatic moves have succeeded in showing the isolation of the American position, which seeks to provide an umbrella to protect Israel from the escalating international criticism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency