Al-Fateh Alliance: The PMF Represents All The Iraqi People, And There Is No One Capable Of Dissolving It

Baghdad Al-Fateh Alliance affirmed its rejection of all calls and conspiracies that seek to dissolve the popular mobilization, noting: “The time for those calls has passed.”

The representative of the Alliance, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, criticized, in a press statement, the demands of some parties affected politically by the presence of the Popular Mobilization, to dissolve it, noting: “These voices do not represent anything for the Iraqi people.”

Al-Baldawi added: “The Popular Mobilization represents all components of the Iraqi people, and there is no party capable of dissolving it or merging it with other security services, and that the time for these demands has passed and we will not allow anyone who wants to waste the blood of the Popular Mobilization and demands its dissolving to achieve his goals.”

He stressed: “The Popular Mobilization today is one of the most disciplined security institutions,” noting that there are individuals who were arrested claim that they belong to the National Security Agency or the Intelligence Service


Source: National Iraqi News Agency