Al-Hakim Stresses The Importance Of Adopting Dialogue As A Way To Resolve Political Differences

Baghdad Head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar Al-Hakim, stressed the importance of adopting dialogue as a way to resolve political differences.

In the host house of Sheikh Khamis Al Jabara (host of the martyrs) in Al-Alam region, Al-Hakim recalled the history of Iraq with challenges and how it emerged stronger each time, explaining that Iraq’s destiny is to rise after every harsh and painful experience with the vigor and awareness of its children and their adherence to life and giving.

Al-Hakim stressed the importance of adopting dialogue as a way to resolve differences, indicating that the political situation today is more accepting of dialogue than ever before.

He said that the serious security challenges that we experienced, although they were a painful experience for the Iraqis, but they alerted us to our need for each other, the importance of our unity and solidarity, the value of our diversity, and the need to put an end to the repetition of mistakes every time.

He explained that sectarianism did not and will not be societal sectarianism, as this society is socially cohesive and there are many examples of that, referring to sectarianism as a political substance for some through incitement and clashing people to each other and the demise of sectarianism with the disappearance of its causes.

He pointed out that one of the meanings of jihad is confronting and bearing responsibility, calling for a broad, conscious and effective participation in the upcoming elections, as it alone is capable of bringing about gradual change.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency