Al-Khalisi calls for the establishment of a strong Iraq run by its people and gathering the word of its people

Baghdad The Religious Authority, Jawad Al-Khalisi, called on the masses and the nation to assume the legitimate and national responsibility entrusted to them and to take action to bring about the necessary change, stressing the government was brought in from a deadly void and will end in complete loss.”

During the Friday sermon in the city of Kadhimiya, Al-Khalisi asked: “Why this endless crisis? Why this tension? Why this killing? Why the bloodshed, why this corruption? Why this dispersal? Deception and names…?, and why and why..?!!, stressing: “The cause of the crisis we are living in today is the failure of the nation to meet according to the method of the Qur’an.”

He continued, saying: The old and modern experiences today have proven that the political process and all its secretions are a failure, and will not reach any result, from corruption, plundering money, starving people, stopping business and reducing currencies, and others.

He stressed the need to support the resistance and support the nation for the establishment of a strong Iraq, an Iraq run by its sons, an Iraq that is not hostile to the region and its neighbors, an Iraq that calls for harmony and unites the word of its people and brings together the nation’s diaspora, and it brings closer views and unites them on Islam and truth.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency