Al-Maliki, Allawi Discuss The Political Developments And Events Accompanied The First Session of Parliament

Baghdad Head of the State of Law Coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, discussed with the Head of the National Coalition (Watania), Iyad Allawi, the latest developments in the current political situation, and the events that accompanied the convening of the first session of Parliament.

During the meeting, al-Maliki stressed the need to preserve the national interest and the continuity of dialogue between the Iraqi political parties away from differences and chaos in order to face the challenges that the country is going through.

He pointed out that the parliament session held on Sunday was marred by legal and constitutional violations, which called for an objection to the Federal Court to look into those violations and address the imbalance.

For his part, Allawi expressed his regret for what happened during the parliament session, calling on all parties to give priority to the interests of the Iraqi people and to enhance confidence among the political forces through the formation of joint committees to continue dialogues and to stay away from differences and tense atmosphere in order to achieve security and stability in the country

Source: National Iraqi News Agency