Baghdad The MP of Saairun Alliance, Riyad Al-Masoudi, affirmed that: The continuation of the Zionist aggression, regardless of international calls, is a result of the clear American support.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): There is no doubt that the United States is the sponsor of the Zionist entity, which has contributed, in one way or another, to other superpowers by providing the appropriate atmosphere in time and space with the existence of this usurping entity.

Al-Masoudi added that the wars between Arab countries and the Zionist entity did not succeed in expelling or weakening it, but on the contrary, these countries lost a lot of their lands due to wars and agreements, including Camp David and others that are in the interest of the Zionist entity, indicating that all international decisions were responding to American and British pressure controlling these organizations.

He called on Arab countries that have full relations or normalization relations to take a decisive stance towards the continuation of the Zionist aggressions, otherwise the Arab peoples will say their word sooner or later.

On Monday, the United States refused, for the third time in a week, to the UN Security Council adopting a statement on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians calling for an end to violence and the protection of civilians, especially children.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency