Al-Sayhood _Holding the elections on time is enough to lift Iraq out of the tragic reality in which it is living

Former MP, Muhammad Saadoun Al-Sayhood, said that holding the elections on the specified date will help pull Iraq out of the tragic reality it is experiencing.

Al-Sihood explained in a press statement today, “there are several scenarios that are intended to continue the situation as it is, including the scenario of Al-Kadhimi government continuing empty-handed, which does not have anything to present to Iraq and its people, and the scenario of forming an emergency government, and this scenario will push the country towards chaos and civil war, and the scenario of holding the elections on schedule, which is the best and most appropriate scenario to save the country through the formation of a national and fair parliament and the formation of a strong national government capable of meeting the needs of the people.”

He added that “the heads of political blocs and their leaders must sit at one table and renounce differences among them and stay away from the language of ego and the policy of excluding the other because every component, bloc or party has its audience and must be respected, and therefore competition must be honest, away from threats, slander and distortion,” indicating that “the political blocs must review their directions and agreement among them to achieve the interests of the Iraqi people.

He added, “political differences, corruption, and the economics of the parties are what burned Ibn Al-Khatib and Al-Hussein educational hospitals, and the bombing of energy towers and other violations, and therefore the upcoming elections will certainly save the country from chaos, corruption and deprivation in which it is living.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency