An emergency session of the Security Council today on Palestine

Baghdad The UN Security Council is scheduled to hold an emergency session, today, Sunday, to discuss the latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Diplomats had reported that the UN Security Council would hold a virtual public meeting on Sunday at 1400 GMT at the request of Tunisia, Norway and China. It is expected that the meeting, which was scheduled for Friday, will be attended by the United Nations envoy to the Middle East, Taur Wennesland, in addition to representatives of Israel and the Palestinians. ”

Palestinian TV had reported that the death toll from the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip had risen to 145, after the martyrdom of two Palestinians succumbed to their wounds.

Palestinian TV quoted medical sources in the Gaza Strip as saying that among the martyrs were 41 children and 23 women, in addition to the injury of 1,100, including 313 children and 206 women, including 38 very serious injuries.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency