Baghdad The independent politician, Thaer Munir Al-Zubaidi, warned against internal and external attempts to postpone the early elections.

He said in a press statement that the Iraqi people paid innocent blood and many injured for their freedom and to build their future by demanding free and fair elections that would restore the country to its right track.

Al-Zubaidi added that some internal and external parties argue from time to time about instability in the general situation in order to postpone the elections, especially after they lost their audience and supporters during the previous period.

He explained that there is no alternative to the current situation except by holding the elections on their scheduled date. Otherwise, the alternative will be chaos and conflicts between the forces and those who support them.

Al-Zubaidi stressed the complete rejection of any external attempts, whatever they may be, to postpone the elections, which are in harmony with the positions of some internal forces to ensure their survival as long as possible.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency