An ‘unlicensed’ drug store seized and its owner arrested in Al-Bataween, Baghdad

Baghdad, The Federal Police Command announced today, Saturday, the seizure of an ‘unlicensed’ medical materials store and the arrest of its owner in Al-Bataween area in the center of the capital, Baghdad.

The command said in a statement, ‘In continuation of the security operation carried out by the federal police units by assigning the intelligence effort and supporting security units to pursue outlaws and those wanted by the Iraqi judiciary, a force from the 3rd Brigade, 1st Division of the Federal Police, with two detachments from the brigade’s intelligence and anti-organized crime, was able to carry out a preemptive operation in Al-Bataween area within Baghdad Al-Rusafa Operations Command sector.

It added, “The operation resulted in the seizure of an unlicensed drug and medical materials store and the arrest of its owner. The accused was referred to the competent authority and the store was duly closed.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency