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Chairman Of Board Of Commissioners Discusses With A European Delegation The Terms Of The Agreement On Monitoring The Elections

Baghdad The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge Jalil Adnan Khalaf, discussed with the delegation of the European Union mission, which consisted of Chargé d’Affairs John Bernard Blovan and experts Manuel Joaquim Wally and Ian James Miller, the terms of the agreement on election observation, which it is hoped will be signed soon between the government Iraq and the European Union mission.

A statement by the commission stated that: The agreement is of importance in facilitating the mission’s work in observing the upcoming October elections.

Khalaf indicated that this agreement is important and gives messages of reassurance to the local community and the international community.

The members of the European delegation touched on many axes that could support the mission’s work steps and its role in monitoring the upcoming elections.

Chargé d’Affairs, John Bernard Blovan, stressed the importance of sharing ideas between the commission and the mission, as well as maintaining communication and dialogue to keep an eye on the commission’s preparations for the upcoming election event.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency