Completion of drilling 5 new wells and reclamation and recovery of 11 wells in the Halfaya oil field in Maysan.

The Maysan Oil Company announced the completion of drilling 5 new oil wells and reclaiming and reviving 11 wells in the Halfaya oil field in the governorate.

The company’s General Manager, Engineer Hussein Kadhem Laibi, said that the secondary companies contracting with the operator, the Chinese PetroGina Company (Dagenic, Bohai, and Anton Oil), recently completed drilling operations for five new wells in the Halfaya field, which are each of Halfaya (273, 75, 95, 224, 26).

The company General Manager added: ‘The drilling methods varied between vertical and directional, and the completed wells varied in Al-Yamamah reservoir (one well) and the Mushrif reservoir (four wells).’

He continued: ‘(11) other wells were reclaimed and completed by subcontractors from the companies (Bohai, Dagenic, and Anton Oil), during which work was carried out to replace the ESP submersible pumps, lower the pump crews to the depths of the wells, lower the water injection crew, and dig the cement plugs.’ The completion crews were d
isembarked, pointing out that these activities come within the framework of maintaining the continuity of the production process from the company’s fields and supplying them with new wells, in addition to revitalizing others by implementing rehabilitation and reclamation operations.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency