Baghdad The Civil Defense Directorate announced today, Saturday, the details of the fire incident that broke out in plastic warehouses inside a multi-storey building in the Shorja area in central Baghdad.

The Directorate said in a statement: “Its teams controlled a fire in a commercial building consisting of three floors, in addition to a fourth floor, built of sandwich panels with a quick flammable panel, which is in violation of the safety instructions issued by the Civil Defense Directorate, taken as warehouses for the trade of plastic materials and tools in Al-Shorja commercial area behind Al-Dhaman Building in central Baghdad.

It added: “Our teams cordoned off and isolated the blazing fires inside the burning building, with the adjacent commercial buildings and warehouses adjacent to it, in conjunction with the implementation of the direct intrusion down to the heart of the fire, controlling and completely extinguishing it, without recording human casualties while limiting its material damage.”

It added, “After that, the Civil Defense requested to open an investigation at the police station responsible for the geographical area, based on the report of the forensic expert, by submitting samples to determine the causes of the fire in the first place inside the commercial building.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency