General Company For Ports of Iraq: Two Specialized Ships Will Arrive To Support Our Naval Fleet

Baghdad The General Company for Ports of Iraq in the Ministry of Transport announced the imminent arrival of two specialized ships to the ports of Iraq after the completion of their industry in Sri Lanka, among the projects funded by the Japanese Loan.

The Director General of Iraq Ports, Farhan Al-Fartousi, said in a statement: “After the completion of their construction, namely Shatt Al-Arab extension station and Al-Faw marine enlightenment ship, the two ships will go to be loaded on one of the large ships to reach our territorial waters.”

He added: “These two ships will soon arrive at the ports of Iraq, and will make a great addition to the work of the marine cadres, as one of them will be specialized for transporting and harboring marine guides, and the other specialized for setting up and lifting marine indication buoys and used to guide the coming and departing ships from and to our navigation channels.”

He explained, “The technical and engineering staff in the company made several test tours on board these two ships to test their capabilities.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency