Health Ministry issues recommendations for AIDS prevention

This Sunday evening, the Ministry of Health issued recommendations for the prevention of immunodeficiency virus (AIDS).

In a statement, the Ministry of Health stressed ‘the use of acupuncture and injection tools.’

It pointed out: ‘Adopting blood transfusion tools and intravenous fluids licensed by the Ministry of Health, and adhering to safe sexual relations and behaviors.’

The head of the Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee, Majid Shankali, revealed in a statement to the official newspaper in its issue issued today, Sunday, that ‘the committee noted, through its follow-up with the concerned authorities, that 2,638 cases of immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) were monitored, including 470 deaths during the past years until beginning of this year.’

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Doctors Syndicate warned of the transmission of AIDS through unlicensed beauty centers or tattooing.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency