Hoshyar Zebari: The dispute between the Region and the Center is political par excellence.. We support the elections on time and we have no fear of them

Baghdad The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Hoshyar Zebari, confirmed that the dispute between the region and the federal government is not technical or financial, but rather a political dispute par excellence.”

Zebari said in a televised statement that the federal government has not paid the salaries of the region’s employees for 11 months.”

He added, “we support holding the elections on time, and we have absolutely no fear of them. This is our position with the leadership of the Sadrist movement.”

Zebari continued that the elections may not fundamentally change the political map, but there is a great opportunity for independents in it.”

He stated that the elections face many obstacles, including uncontrolled weapons, political money and fraud, but at the same time there are positive indicators such as the participation rate, which will be much greater than expected,” noting that the biometric registration rate, which has so far exceeded 75%, is an indication of a high participation rate and a low probability of fraud.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency