Human Rights Committee: Reaching 70 percent of the vaccinated people in Iraq will create a positive immunity against Corona

Baghdad The Commission for Human Rights in Iraq has confirmed that Iraq needs to reach 70% of the vaccinated people to create a positive immunity against the Corona pandemic.

A member of the Iraqi Commission for Human Rights, Fadel Al-Gharawi, said in a statement: “The citizen’s lack of commitment, poor awareness, mistrust of the government’s health measures, fear of vaccine complications, and the absence of an intensive national campaign are the main reason for not taking the vaccine for many citizens.”

Al-Gharawi added that Iraq is facing a real danger to the lives of citizens due to the high number of infections, which calls for the government to take exceptional measures to deal with the citizens’ reluctance to take the vaccine and start a continuous national campaign and adopt the vaccination card as a basic document in all state institutions.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency