Imad Alou: It Is Too Early To Judge The Results Of The Saudi-Iranian Security Agreement In The Region

The director of al-Etimad Center for Security Studies, retired Major General Imad Alou, confirmed that it is too early to judge the results of the Saudi-Iranian security agreement in the region.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: The recent agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran is important and a turning point in the region and will be positively reflected in security and stability in Iraq and the Middle East.

Alou stressed: It is too early to judge the results of the agreement, and we have to wait for the implementation of what was agreed upon in Beijing on the ground.

He continued: We can say that this agreement has become an actual reality if the two countries adhere to it, and we look forward to further rapprochement and improvement of relations between the countries of the region and to enhance security and stability in them

Source: National Iraqi News Agency