Under the patronage of the President of La Sagesse University, Professor George Nehme, the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations inaugurated ‘Espace Sciences Po’. The event was attended by members of the University Council, Deans of Faculties, and Faculty professors. It was an occasion to honor the President of the University, recognized by the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Antonius Abu Kasem, as a token of gratitude for his support in equipping the hall.

‘Espace Science Po’ is a technologically-equipped hall (Multimedia area) that provides political science students with access to special software enabling communication with various foreign audio-visual media. Through this software, students can follow global political, economic, and social developments more efficiently. They have access to local and foreign articles, videos, podcasts, and social media, allowing them to gain comprehensive insights into current events and various political topics. This facilitates the expansion of their k
nowledge and understanding of public affairs, as well as the development of analytical and research skills in political sciences.

The hall also serves as a meeting space for students with experts and specialized civil society organizations, empowering them in various fields, including the organization of simulation exercises in diplomatic sciences and negotiation skills. Additionally, it provides a reading area where students can access recently published scientific literature and references.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon