Iraq participates in the Tokyo Olympics with a delegation that is the smallest in the history of its participation

Baghdad Iraq will participate in the Olympic Games, which officially start today in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, with a delegation that is considered the smallest in the history of Iraq’s participation in the Olympic Games.

Three athletes, rower Muhammad Riyad, archer Fatima Abbas and runner Taha Hussein, will participate in the tournament’s activities, after the runner Dana Hussein was temporarily suspended due to suspicions that she had taken prohibited substances.

The Iraqi mission is led by the head of the Olympic Committee, Raad Hammoudi, and includes the head of the mission, Haitham Abdel Hamid, the director of relations in the Olympic Committee and the secretary of the weightlifting federation, Mustafa Salih, administratively.

The mission arrived in Tokyo, with the exception of runner Taha Hussein, who will join the Olympic Village on the 27th of this month, since the athletics competitions in the Olympics will open on the 30th of this month.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency