Iraqi President Emphasizes Balanced International Relations and Domestic Development in Baku Meeting

BAGHDAD – During a meeting with heads of diplomatic missions in Baku, the President of Iraq, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, emphasized Iraq's commitment to establishing security, stability, and improving the standard of living through economic development.

According to National Iraqi News Agency, In the reception hosted by the Iraqi Embassy in Azerbaijan, President Rashid addressed ambassadors, Azerbaijani ministers, parliamentarians, and officials, outlining the Iraqi government's comprehensive program. This program aims to establish security stability and enhance health and educational services, while revitalizing the economy through expanded trade and encouraging investment. The President expressed hope for the participation of Azerbaijani and European companies in the Iraqi market, highlighting Iraq's readiness to provide necessary facilities and legislative support. He also addressed the situation in Gaza, reaffirming Iraq's firm stance on the Palestinian issue and its opposition to the violations against Palestinians. President Rashid stressed Iraq's positive relations with neighboring countries and the global community, founded on balanced relations, respect for Iraqi sovereignty, and mutual interests. Additionally, he expressed a desire to strengthen ties with Azerbaijan across various sectors, including tourism, economy, and culture, to benefit both nations. The President also discussed regional challenges related to water and climate change and their impact on life.