Baghdad Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis issued a warning to migrants from Iraq and Turkey who are trying to reach the European Union through his country’s territory from Belarus.

Landsbergis admitted to reporters today, Saturday, according to the Lithuanian Delfi website, that he was unable to specify the expected date to reduce the intensity of the flow of illegal immigrants to his country, stressing the utmost importance of informing those who are considering implementing this trip that its costs will significantly exceed its gains.

The Minister indicated that he focused on this issue during his visit to Turkey and Iraq earlier this week, pointing out that one of the most important objectives of this visit was to discuss the important role that the media would play in this issue.

He said: My most important message in Turkey and Iraq was that you (the immigrants) pay a lot of money.

Landsbergis said migrants should know that they will have to spend huge amounts of money to stay in a tent for several months in order to eventually return to their country of origin.

The Lithuanian authorities have detained more than 2,000 illegal immigrants at the border with Belarus since the beginning of this year.

The Lithuanian government accuses the Belarusian authorities of systematically flooding its lands with migrants, against the backdrop of escalating tensions between the two countries.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency