Baghdad The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, discussed today, Thursday, with the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Coalition Forces in Iraq and Syria, General Richard Peel, the latest developments in Iraq and Syria.

According to a statement by the regional government, the Prime Minister thanked the international coalition forces for their support and assistance.

He reiterated that the defeat of ISIS and terrorism in general depends on eliminating the causes and factors that lead to the emergence of terrorism.

He pointed out the importance of voting on the draft law of the criminal court specializing in ISIS crimes by the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region, expressing his hope that this will be a step to prosecute ISIS terrorists, achieve justice and compensate the victims.

For his part, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Coalition Forces in Iraq and Syria praised the heroism and sacrifices of the Peshmerga forces, appreciating the reforms initiated by the Kurdistan Regional Government, especially in the Ministry of Peshmerga.

He stressed the need to continue support and backing the Peshmerga and strengthen security coordination with the Iraqi army to confront the threats posed by ISIS terrorists.

It was emphasized / according to the statement / that the activation of the joint security coordination centers in the Kurdish regions outside the administration of the region is a positive step.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency