MP: The US Withdrawal From Iraq Must Be Responsible And Conditional

Baghdad The Iraqi Forces Alliance bloc called on the United States of America to make its withdrawal from Iraq responsible and conditional, if it decided to withdraw its forces from Iraq.

The deputy head of the coalition bloc, Raad Al-Dahlaki, affirmed, “The invasion of the United States of America and its allies in Iraq caused a collapse in all the state and a comprehensive halt in all areas, which necessitates that its withdrawal, if it decides to do so, be conditional and responsible because it bears all the legal and penal consequences as a result of its destruction of a country that was safe and stable.”

He added, in a press statement, that “the moral and international responsibility of the United States necessitates returning Iraq to what it was before of national and societal cohesion, correcting the political process and bringing a national government that truly expresses the aspirations of the Iraqi people, canceling all decisions and measures issued by the occupation authority, and holding thieves accountable, recovering public money and the Iraq’s looted money, the release of detainees who defended their land after the occupation of Iraq, and the reduction of the interference and dictates of neighboring countries and the imposition of their control over the Iraqi decision.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency