– National Security Adviser Qassem Al-Araji confirmed that Iraq is now playing a major role that contributes to the stability of the region and is playing a major role in bringing others together at the table of dialogue and understanding.

The Advisory said in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) received a copy of it that Al-Araji met in his office today, Saturday, the Head of the Defense Committee in the French Parliament, Francoise Dumas, and her accompanying delegation, in the presence of the French Ambassador to Iraq, Bruno Aubert. During the meeting, a discussion of development took place, bilateral relations between Baghdad and Paris, and in all fields, especially security and military, in addition to discussing the activation of armament contracts with the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

Al-Araji reviewed the Iraqi government’s efforts in the issue of the camps for the displaced people, especially Al-Hol camp, and work to end this file, through the cooperation of the international community to get rid of its disastrous effects.

Al-Araji indicated that the role of the international coalition will be limited only to training and developing the capabilities of the Iraqi forces after the complete withdrawal and to assist in the tasks that support security, to combat violent extremism, indicating that Iraq is now playing a major role that contributes to the stability of the region and will not be within the policy of the axes, but rather plays a major role to bring others to the table of dialogue and understanding, praising at the same time the role of the countries that helped Iraq in its war against terrorism.

On the Palestinian issue, Al-Araji affirmed that the Iraqi government and people support the people of Palestine in their just cause, stressing that the international community should have a supportive position for the cause of the Palestinian people.

For her part, Dumas confirmed her country’s desire to increase cooperation between the two countries and support Iraqi capabilities, especially in the areas of arming, psychological and intelligence operations, and combating violent extremism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency