Nineveh police arrest charlatans who carry out immoral acts

Baghdad Nineveh police arrested charlatans who carry out immoral acts.

A statement by the police command stated that the Umm al-Rabeein Police Directorate, after receiving information that there were suspects involved in witchcraft, sorcery and sexual harassment of women, was able to arrest a gang consisting of (three accused), including a woman, and seized materials used in practicing witchcraft and sorcery in flagrante delicto and during the raid of the den, which is a (store in which a medical bed was cut), the voice of a woman was heard crying out when one of the accused was trying to assault her.

He explained that legal measures were taken against the defendants, and their statements were initially and judicially recorded, and they confessed to committing many crimes of harassment and sexual assault by deceiving women that they were (enchanted and possessed by the jinn). The accused were arrested in Al-Zanjili neighborhood on the right side of Mosul.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency