Palestine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said that the violent bombing launched by the Israeli occupation on the city of Rafah is considered a serious beginning to expand its crimes there despite the presence of more than a million displaced people there, without giving any consideration to their lives.

The Foreign Ministry explained in a statement issued today that Israel began to destroy Rafah on a daily basis and in a systematic manner through repeated attacks on homes, bombing them, and killing and wounding dozens of civilians.

Israel began its aggression against the city of Rafah, and did not wait for permission from anyone, and did not announce it to avoid international reactions, the Ministry said.

The Ministry indicated that this escalation is an official Israeli disregard for international and American demands to protect the displaced people and secure their full humanitarian needs.

It added that the expansion of genocide crimes to include Rafah coincides with the beginning US Secr
etary of State Antony Blinken’s trip, who confirmed in his recent statements the absence of any serious Israeli plan to protect civilians in Rafah, and demanded that Israel do so.

The Ministry also condemned in the strongest terms the brutal and bloody bombardment committed by the occupation forces against Palestinian people, which has been escalating insanely since yesterday, and was focused at dawn today by targeting civilian homes above the heads of their residents in Rafah, leaving dozens killed, wounded and missing under the rubble.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon