Palestinian President Abbas Discusses Gaza Situation with French President Macron

BAGHDAD – During a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas expressed his strong opposition to the displacement of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip or the West Bank, including Al-Quds.

According to National Iraqi News Agency, Abbas emphasized to President Macron that the Gaza Strip is an essential part of the Palestinian state and rejected Tel Aviv's plans to separate it. He reiterated that there is no military or security solution for Gaza and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories. Abbas highlighted that achieving security and peace depends on ending the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, with East Al-Quds as its capital. He called for urgent intervention to release Palestinian clearance funds held by Israel. Abbas briefed Macron on the latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territory, especially in the Gaza Strip, and stressed the need for France to pressure Israeli authorities to halt their aggression against the Palestinian people. He urged for the acceleration of humanitarian aid into Gaza, the cessation of attacks by Israeli forces and settlers in the West Bank, including Al-Quds, and called on France and other EU countries that support the two-state solution to recognize the State of Palestine. Abbas also advocated for Palestine's full membership in the United Nations through a Security Council decision and the organization of an international peace conference with international guarantees and a timeline for implementing the two-state solution based on international legitimacy.