PM sets the objectives of his upcoming visit to Turkey

Prime Minister Muhammad Al-Sudani set the objectives of his upcoming visit to Turkey.

In an article prior to his visit to Turkey, Al-Sudani said, "The visit to Turkey acquires special importance at this particular time, with the positive developments taking place in the Middle East region in terms of strengthening cooperation between countries, mobilizing efforts to achieve economic integration and push it forward, and resolving differences based on the methodology of prudent dialogue, which prevails over interest and exalts cooperation between neighbors in order to achieve the interests of peoples.

He added, "We will focus in our discussions with the Turkish side on strengthening Iraqi-Turkish relations in all fields, especially the economic field, as we look forward to implementing ambitious economic projects in the energy and transport sectors, and transforming Iraq into a center for global trade between Asia and Europe through the great port of Faw project and everything related to it, from economic zones, residential compounds and tourist attractions

Source: National Iraqi News Agency