Popular Mobilization Forces storm ISIS headquarters in Diyala

Baquba – The Commander of Diyala Operations in the Popular Mobilization, Talib al-Moussawi, announced the storming of headquarters used by ISIS as “guesthouses” in Hamrin Mountain, northeast of Baquba.

Al-Moussawi said in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency received a copy of it, that “a force from the Popular Mobilization carried out a lightning and rapid operation on the headquarters in Aisha camp located in Hamrin Mountain, following accurate intelligence information,” noting that “there were access to areas used by the enemy as guesthouses, and 3 explosive devices were detonated.

He added that “the units carried out their duty despite the high temperatures and the ruggedness of the mountainous region, and the Popular Mobilization Forces will continue to pursue the remnants of ISIS.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency