Representative bloc: corruption and government collusion in collecting non-oil revenues and collecting debts and taxes

Baghdad / NINA / The National Approach Parliamentary Bloc renewed its demand to pay attention to the file of enhancing non-oil revenues and collecting debts and taxes, after official statistics about a large government failure to collect them from oil companies, telecommunications companies and private banks, which is a dangerous indicator of the possibility of corruption and collusion from the concerned executive authorities. In a press conference, MP Hussein Al-Uqabi cited official reports showing the existence of 26 tourist facilities, 36 oil companies, and 9 private banks that were not taxed. As for the telecommunications companies, the reports indicated that there are additional estimates on Atheer Communications for the years (2011-2015) that have not been completed. Until 2017, Korek Telecom Company has not been taxed and has not provided its financial data for any year, “indicating that this company is taxed in the Kurdistan region !! It has not paid the public treasury a single penny for those years. He added, “Official reports also revealed the presence of dozens of companies operating in licensing rounds and public contracting companies that have not been taxed and are still evading this matter for several years and the government has not taken deterrent measures against them,” calling on regulatory institutions and executive authorities to intensify their efforts to develop Methods of collecting taxes and non-oil revenues and combating corruption and neglect that affected this file in recent years. / End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency