Security Media Cell: Finding the booby-trap workshop of ISIS’s so-called Southern Province State and seizing it completely southwest of Baghdad

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced that it had found the booby-trapping workshop of ISIS’s so-called Southern State and seized it completely southwest of Baghdad.

A statement by the cell stated that a qualitative intelligence operation framed with accurate information provided by the Military Intelligence Directorate at the Ministry of Defense indicated the location of one of the booby-trapping workshops belonging to the so-called (State of the South), as a result of which detachments from the Military Intelligence Directorate in the 17th Division and the Intelligence of the Second Infantry Brigade headed towards the target and conducting a raid on the workshop located in the village of Al-Rahma in Al-Anaz district in Al-Radwaniyah, southwest of Baghdad, in one of the houses belonging to a terrorist who was killed in 2011, inside which were seized 1150 lighter detonators, 20 detonators, 2000 BKC rounds, 40 60 mm mortar rounds and 14 RBG7 launchers , Two BKC screens, two Kalashnikov rifles, 3 single gear straps, 14 Afghan suits, 4 rippers, 9 shields and a quiver, as well as (a box, a drill, a Cortex wire, a circuit breaker, a welding wire, a capillary wire, an oxygen kit, a sniper scope, a 120mm mortar barrel, and materiel stores for different rifles).

Source: National Iraqi News Agency