Spokesman for Al-Quds Brigades: We have thwarted Israel’s attempts to separate Al-Quds, the West Bank, and the occupied interior

Baghdad The Spokesman for Al-Quds Brigades affiliated with the “Islamic Jihad” movement, Abu Hamza, confirmed that Al-Quds Brigades and “the resistance factions have thwarted all Israeli attempts to separate Al-Quds, the West Bank and the interior from the field of resistance action.”

In a press conference today, Friday, Abu Hamzah added, “On the occasion of the resistance’s victory in the battle of” the Sword of Al-Quds, “we in the Al-Quds Brigades and with us the resistance factions within the Battle of the Quds Sword defeated Netanyahu and the leadership of his defeated army, and we inflicted all of them along with their fragile internal front a daily horrific loss and humiliation.”

He added, “today we finish writing a watershed station to be added to the eternal record of the Resistance, with a flood of martyrs, blood, and an unprecedented great generosity.”

“If the sound of rockets, cannons and gunpowder stops, this will not stop our long march, and our arduous path of jihad will continue,” the Brigades spokesman stressed.

He valued “the role of Iran and all the forces of the resistance axis, which provided our resistance with weapons and expertise, and was a real support and support in strengthening the resistance’s material and technical capabilities,” saying: “You are our partners in our victory, and we will enter Al-Aqsa together, hoping, by God willing.”

Abu Hamza pointed out that “the city of Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque in the battle of the” Sword of Al-Quds” was one of its extended stations, with all boldness and ability to truly express the affiliation of the Brigades and the Resistance to Al-Quds and its residents, explaining that” the resistance has finished writing a separating station to be added to the eternal resistance record in a dispersal of Martyrs, blood and great giving unrivaled. “

He added, “In this battle, we thwarted all the enemy’s attempts to separate Al-Quds, the West Bank and the occupied interior from the field of our resistance, and with our strength we affirmed our close connection with Al-Quds and our people in the face of all attempts to singularity with the first Muslim kiss and our noble Messenger.

Abu Hamza warned “the Zionist enemy not to commit any stupidity,” saying: “We are in Al-Quds Brigades and with us the resistance factions are still in a state of alert, and our eyes are watching the enemy in all fields, and we promise our people that we will not give up rights and we will remain present on a base and if you return, we will return.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency