Supporters Of A Candidate Lost Elections Demonstrate In Diyala Against The Election Results

Baquba Supporters of the candidate Riyad Al-Tamimi, who lost in the parliamentary elections, cut off Baghdad-Kirkuk road in protest against the election results.

A local source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) today that dozens of supporters of the candidate Riyad Al-Tamimi demonstrated in Khalis district, north of Baquba, and tried to block Baghdad-Kirkuk road in protest against the election results, demanding an investigation into the fate of the 1,500 votes for their candidate that did not appear in the electoral results announced by the Independent High Elections Commission yesterday.

He added that Al-Tamimi lost the elections by 15 votes over the candidate Salem Al-Anbaki, who won a parliamentary seat from the third Khalis constituency.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency