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The arrest of an official in the planting of explosive devices in Diyala

Baquba The Military Intelligence Directorate announced the arrest of the so-called “sector of Al-Zubayr bin Al-Awam” who is specialized in planting IEDs and preparing explosive belts in Diyala.

The Directorate stated in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency received a copy of it with a qualitative pre-emptive operation carried out based on accurate information by the Military Intelligence Directorate at the Ministry of Defense, which indicated the entry of the important and dangerous terrorist responsible for the so-called (Sector of Al-Zubayr bin Al-Awam) who specializes in planting bombs and preparing belts. The explosives for ISIS terrorist cells came to Diyala from one of the provinces of the region after he fled there two years ago.

It indicated that “the detachments of the Military Intelligence Division in the Fifth Division and the automatic infantry regiment of the division and a force arranged from the controlling headquarters proceeded to move towards the target and cordoned off the village of al-Dogma in the district of al-Khalis in Diyala province and raided the terrorist’s house. After the search, he was arrested under one of the beds in the house, he was one of the most important people wanted by the judiciary under an arrest warrant in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of terrorism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency