The Council of Ministers Approves The Use Of Employees And Students In The Upcoming Elections

Baghdad The Council of Ministers agreed that the High Elections Commission shall seek the services of employees, students of universities and institutes, and preparatory school graduates upwards to complete the elections of the House of Representatives.

The Cabinet Secretariat stated, in a press statement today, Thursday, that “this will be according to an electronic form prepared by the Commission in exchange for a financial reward determined by the Board of Commissioners and a letter of thanks from the Prime Minister, and the form will be filled out by the applicant in coordination with his department.”

It added, “The staff will be selected from committees composed of the Board of Commissioners, and the geographical location of the polling stations and the employee’s residence within the constituency in which they vote will be taken into consideration, and the polling center director will be either a school director or a university professor.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency