Baghdad The High Commission for Human Rights documented the fall of two martyrs and 150 wounded demonstrators and security forces, the outcome of the demonstrations in Tahrir Square yesterday, Tuesday.

A statement by the Commission stated, “While the High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq affirms that the citizen has the right to opinion, expression and peaceful demonstration, it deeply regrets the fall of martyrs and wounded protesters and security forces as a result of the clashes that occurred in Tahrir Square in Baghdad, which resulted in the death of two protesters and the injury of (20) others, and many of them are still seriously injured so far, and (130) security forces were wounded, and a large number of demonstrators were arrested.

It added, “Since the start of the demonstrations until this moment, the commission has been calling for the prevention of the use of excessive violence, and law-keeping forces and the security forces supporting them have been subject to more than (500) training workshops on how to deal with and protect demonstrators, and at a time when it affirms that the demonstrators fully adhere to the standards of peaceful protest, and to stay away from any clashes with the security forces, as it renews its demand for all parties to take utmost restraint and maintain the peaceful demonstrations.

The Commission called on the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to assume responsibility and take the most serious measures against those who used live ammunition and excessive violence, refer them to the judiciary, and release all those detained in connection with the demonstrations.

The Commission renewed its demand for the demonstrators to prevent those who want to divert the demonstrations from their peaceful course and to continue their exercise of this right through cooperation with the security forces and preserving public and private property.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency