The KDP Reveals The Results Of The Negotiations Of The Kurdish Delegation In Baghdad To Implement Budget Law

Baghdad The Kurdistan Democratic Party’s parliamentary bloc has settled the controversy over the results of the negotiations of the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation, which visited the capital, Baghdad last week, to discuss the implementation of the general budget law.

The MP of the parliamentary party bloc, Ikhlas al-Dulaimi, stated, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that “political differences preoccupied the government with paying the region’s share of the 2021 general budget, as the region has not received any allocations from the government since April 2020,” indicating that “There is no main reason for not delivering the dues of the Kurdistan region so far, unless the government itself does not want to pay those allocations.”

She added, “The general budget was voted on by Parliament two months ago, and it was approved and published in the Official Gazette, but it has not been implemented yet. One of the reasons for this is that the government requested that it be handed over statistical data on the Kurdistan region’s oil and non-oil revenues,” indicating that “the delegation of the regional government that met with the ministers in the federal government and submitted all the required data in coordination between the Federal Office of Financial Supervision and the Office of Financial Supervision in the region, which are the same data that the Kurdish side submitted more than once previously.”

She explained, “The delegation of the region is waiting for the government to implement the articles mentioned in the General Budget Law 2021, not to be ink on paper as it was written in previous years, but we have not yet seen clear government efforts to resolve the disbursement of dues within the budget law.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency