The King of Jordan confirms: Israel’s control of the Rafah crossing will exacerbate the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza

Baghdad, The Jordanian King, King Abdullah II, stressed “the necessity of preventing the Israeli ground military operation on the Palestinian Rafah, which shelters about 1.5 million Gazans who were displaced there as a result of the Israeli aggression on the Strip.”

King Abdullah said, during two meetings held in the US Congress in Washington, that ‘Israel’s control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing and closing it to the entry of aid will exacerbate the humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip,’ stressing his country’s condemnation of the attack on a Jordanian aid convoy that was heading to Gaza through the Beit Hanoun crossing by extremist Israeli settlers, according to the Jordanian News Agency – Petra.

He called on the international community to take a clear position that requires Israel to abide by the rules of international law and international humanitarian law, and to secure the passage of aid convoys and ensure their entry into the Gaza Strip through various crossings, stressing the ne
ed to stop the escalation to avoid the expansion of the conflict in the region.

The Jordanian King reaffirmed Jordan’s position rejecting any attempts to forcibly displace Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, and attempts to separate them as an extension of the one Palestinian state, warning that the hostile actions committed by extremist settlers against the Palestinians, and the violations against the Islamic and Christian holy places in Al-Quds, will lead to the withdrawal of the situation in the West Bank is out of control and the situation in the region has exploded.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Israeli army announced ‘complete control over the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing,’ stressing that its forces are ‘conducting extensive combing operations in the area.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency