The Minister of Labor discusses with the Egyptian Minister of Supply and Internal Trade means to enhance cooperation and exchange of experiences between the two countries

The Minister of Labor discussed with the Egyptian Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, strengthening cooperation and exchanging experiences between the two countries.

A Ministry statement said, “the Minister of Labor, Adel Al-Rikabi, met the Egyptian Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Ali Al-Moselhi, in the presence of the Iraqi Ambassador in Cairo, Ahmed Al-Nayef, on the sidelines of the eighth session of the Ministerial Conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for Women, held in Cairo.”

Discussions took place in the field of strengthening relations between the two brotherly countries, while the issue of the ration card system applied in Egypt and the possibility of benefiting from the Egyptian experiences in this field was discussed, as the ration card items distribution system is one of the most successful experiments, as the system followed is the conditional cash system, which is to be dedicated to the purchase of foodstuffs exclusively according to the electronic payment system in order to maintain a sober social system and enhance food security that is linked to a solid central database that includes all relevant departments.




Source: National Iraqi News Agency