The Minister of Water Resources Discusses With The U.S Ambassador The Reality Of Water Resources in Iraq

Baghdad The Minister of Water Resources, Mahdi Rashid Al-Hamdani, discussed with the US ambassador to Baghdad Matthew Tueller the reality of water resources in Iraq, both internally and externally.

The ministry stated in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency received a copy of it: “During the meeting, the reality of water resources in Iraq was discussed at the internal and external levels, and the challenges that Iraq faces in light of the decline in water flows, climate changes, receding rains, and work to meet these challenges and secure drinking water, agriculture and all other sectors. ”

During the meeting, the American ambassador expressed his happiness with the success of the first Baghdad International Conference held during March, as it represented an opportunity to meet decision-makers from various countries, United Nations organizations, international organizations and specialists in the water issue to exchange visions and ideas and find effective solutions for them.

The ambassador expressed the US government’s readiness to provide support in the field of developing expertise in the implementation of dams and irrigation projects, especially the Mosul Dam and all other projects of the Ministry.

For his part, the Minister praised this initiative as it represents an opportunity for the continuation of joint cooperation between the two sides.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency