The Terrorist Cell, Carried Out Al-Kadhimiya Bombing, Arrested

Baghdad The security forces arrested the terrorist cell that carried out the bombing of the holy city of Kadhimiya with an explosive device, in cooperation and coordination between the National Security Agency and the Falcons Intelligence Cell.
The National Security Agency said in a statement: “The elements of the terrorist group from Al-Dhuluiya district, and they have recruited a person from the protection of the security cordon of the holy city, and he is from the people of Al-Dora area,” noting that “the cell is affiliated with ISIS gangs.”

A terrorist detonation with an explosive device occurred near Zamzam restaurant in Bab Al-Murad in the holy city of Kadhimiya, last Thursday evening, killing 4 citizens and wounding 26 others, while the Security Media Cell spoke of a strange body explosion at the time.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency