Today’s Newspapers follow PM’s visit to Italy and the government’s plans to automate banking work

Newspapers published in Baghdad today, Monday, May 6, followed the visit of Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani to Italy and the government’s plans to automate banking work, and other issues.

Al-Sabah newspaper, published by the Iraqi Media Network, talked about an upcoming visit by Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani to Italy, during the next week.

In this regard, it referred to the words of the political advisor to the Prime Minister, Sobhan Al-Mullah Chiyad: ‘The Prime Minister will go to the Italian capital, Rome, on a two-day visit, starting on the tenth of this month of May.’

Mullah Chiyad explained: “This visit comes within the framework of the Iraqi diplomatic openness led by al-Sudani government, linking it to the economic dimension.”

He added: “There are many things in common between Iraq and Italy at the political and diplomatic levels, as well as interconnected interests at the economic level. There are many Italian companies that have dealt and are dealing with Iraq, especially in ind
ustries related to the energy sectors, in addition to Italy’s participation in the international coalition in the war against ISIS and its support for Iraq.

He stressed: “This visit comes within the framework of arranging the bilateral relationship between Iraq and the international coalition countries in preparation for scheduling its withdrawal from Iraq.”

Meanwhile, Al-Sabah quoted the political analyst Aqeel Al-Rudaini as saying: ‘Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani is moving in the right direction through his visits to major countries,’ indicating: ‘Al-Sudani has a governmental approach that he has worked on since assuming the position of prime minister, so that practical steps and implementation of this curriculum can begin.

He added: “What al-Sudani is doing is at the heart of the government’s approach, which seeks development and investment in light of the political, economic and security stability available in the country.”

As for Al-Zaman newspaper, it has followed the trend to automate bank
ing work and facilitate banking procedures within the framework of the overall transition towards electronic transformation.

It pointed to the confirmation of the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Madhhar Muhammad Saleh as saying: ‘The government’s financial strategy encouraged citizens to enter the digital payments, indicating that cash use will witness a gradual closure in the interest of digital financial inclusion starting next year.’

The advisor was quoted as saying: ‘The prevailing customs in practicing the behavior of cash requests according to primitive cash methods in settling financial and commercial transactions are not compatible today with the developments of the modern digital institutional society, especially the change in settling financial transactions and the gradual abandonment of the use of direct cash payment methods in favor of digital payments.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency