Turkey announces the continued cancellation of its flights to Iran, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon today as well

Turkish Airlines (governmental) and Pegasus Airlines (private) announced the continued cancellation of their flights to Iran, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon on Sunday, as a result of the military tension between Iran and Israel.

Sources in the two companies said in press statements that Turkish Airlines and Pegasus canceled all flights to Iran, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, continuing since yesterday evening, Saturday, as a result of the tension between Iran and Israel.

They confirmed that the planes that were heading to those destinations returned to Istanbul yesterday evening, following developments in the region.

Yesterday evening, Saturday, Iran announced the launch of a comprehensive attack on Israel using drones and missiles in response to the Israeli bombing of the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus at the beginning of this month, which resulted in the killing of 7 commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, including prominent General Mohammad Reza Zahedi.

Source: National Iraqi News Ag