Baghdad The Turkmen MPs from Kirkuk governorate demanded the deployment of military units in the entire administrative borders of Kirkuk governorate to prevent security breaches, as happened today, Saturday.

The head of the bloc, MP Arshad al-Salihi, said in a joint press conference with MP Gharib Askar today, Saturday, that “the terrorist attack that took place today against Iraqi army units in Kirkuk led to the death of five army fighters.”

He explained, “The occurrence of this incident today in Kirkuk governorate raises more suspicions and many question marks and ambiguities that should be addressed.”

He added, “The incident has almost suspicious fingerprints, and we hope that the investigative committees will reveal whether the perpetrators are ISIS terrorist organizations in the areas north of Kirkuk, which ISIS often did not exist in those areas, or are they terrorist organizations and these things must be revealed by the army and the Joint Operations Command and the investigative committees,” noting that “the army is present in this area, and there is a separating area between the army and the Peshmerga forces, where this breach occurred.”

Al-Salihi stressed that the administrative borders of Kirkuk Governorate should be protected by all Iraqi army units, so that it too can bear responsibility and that there are no other forces that impede security operations to maintain stability.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency