Baghdad The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities hosted this evening the first meeting of the welcoming committee for the implementation of the (project to promote carbon reduction through increasing energy efficiency in buildings) implemented by the United Nations Development Program.

The media center in the Ministry quoted the Undersecretary for Technical Affairs, Jaber Abed Khaji, as saying at the meeting, which was attended by the Undersecretaries of the Ministries of Higher Education, Environment and Education, and the Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program, Yulia Isayova: that the Ministry, as a Sectoral Ministry, paid great attention to the issue of energy and thermal emissions and prepared codes for thermal insulation and renewable energy, and it has already fulfilled its obligations, and we are waiting for implementation through the Ministries’ commitment to implement these codes and create legislation for that.

He expressed the hope that this new committee, which is holding its first meeting today, will be a good beginning to see the results of its work in the near future.

For her part, the Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program in Iraq, Yulia Isayova, confirmed that the United Nations Development Program took it upon itself to issue a special 5-year strategy to reduce energy emissions, which ends in the year 2027, which is important for all Ministries that need to reduce thermal emissions.

She expressed her thanks to all the Ministries and Agencies that supported the project in order to find the first center in Iraq concerned with reducing energy emissions under the name (Baghdad Center for Renewable Energy), indicating that the goal of the project is to reduce carbon emissions by supporting specific designs and setting standards for developing energy efficiency in terms of building and construction to make the environment more healthy.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency