Al-Kadhimi Visits The Housing Fund Bank And Directs To Facilitate Granting Loans To Citizens


Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi visited the Housing Fund Bank and directed to facilitate granting loans to citizens.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Media Office stated, “Al-Kadhimi toured the bank’s departments and was briefed on the progress of work there, and met with a number of the citizens and listened to the problems they suffer from.”

He directed “to bypass the routine, and to facilitate the procedures for granting loans to citizens, and providing them with services and assistance, to provide housing, and to overcome the obstacles they face.”

Al-Kadhimi indicated that “his visit to the bank comes as a continuation of the government’s initiative in distributing housing land to citizens, and helping them grant soft loans to them, away from routine, whose repayment period reaches (20) years, and without being a burden on their shoulders.”

He stressed, “The government has adopted a national project to solve the housing crisis in the country according to strategic plans, some of whose joints include providing housing for all citizens, whether through the distribution of housing land, or initiatives to grant interest-free loans.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency